Gourmet mineral water

Pure, natural VILSA mineral water comes from the untouched depths of northern Germany and has been preserved there from external environmental influences for thousands of years. Its balanced mineral levels account for its unmistakable delicate and smooth taste. VILSA Gourmet is therefore the perfect accompaniment to coffee, fine wines, and fine dining in the hospitality sector.

Stylish design meets unique enjoyment

With VILSA Gourmet, your establishment will be a stylish addition to the culinary scene. The exquisite bottle design blends in perfectly with the sophisticated milieu of hotels, bars, and restaurants. The exclusive branded hospitality equipment provides the ideal backdrop for any occasion in your establishment.

VILSA Gourmet mineral water is available as VILSA Gourmet medium and naturelle, as a traditional apple spritzer and as an exclusive VILSA Chardonnay Grape Spritzer.