VILSA Gourmet

The VILSA Gourmet range is the exclusive product line designed especially for the hospitality sector. The bottles and the labels meet the demands of a sophisticated hospitality sector and feature a particularly stylish design.
 VILSA Gourmet complements both coffee and wine perfectly and is the ideal accompaniment to all foods.

Nature´s purest miracle in your establishment

Pure, natural VILSA mineral water comes from the untouched depths of northern Germany and has been preserved there from external influences for thousands of years.
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VILSA Chardonnay Grape Spritzer – exclusive, non-alcoholic pleasure

Looking for something special for your guests? Something unique, something new? VILSA Chardonnay Grape Spritzer is the refreshing and stylish alternative for your guests!
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A beautiful couple: VILSA & wine

VILSA Gourmet is the ideal accompaniment to exquisite wines. Our wine expert Heiko Maciolek can confirm it.
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VILSA Gourmet & coffee

Almost everywhere throughout the world, it is now considered good etiquette to offer a glass of water with a coffee. There are several good reasons for this.
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VILSA Gourmet & fine foods

It goes without saying that fine dining establishments use only the best ingredients, expertly prepared. The VILSA Gourmet portfolio is the perfect accompaniment.
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VILSA Gourmet products

VILSA Gourmet is available as VILSA Gourmet medium and naturelle, as a traditional apple spritzer and as the exclusive VILSA Chardonnay Grape Spritzer.
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