A beautiful couple: VILSA & wine

VILSA Gourmet is the ideal accompaniment to exquisite wines. With its low sodium content, VILSA mineral water is the perfect palate cleanser, preparing the way for new taste experiences. VILSA’s balanced mineral levels make it a very smooth and drinkable water. VILSA Gourmet thus brings out the delicate nature of exquisite wines.


VILSA Gourmet medium is the best match for a fresh white wine with a pronounced acidity, as it has a particularly good mineral balance and is only slightly carbonated.

By the way, a delicious white wine spritzer is best made with a fruity Riesling and a VILSA Gourmet medium.

For those who prefer their wine spritzer more on the bubbly side, VILSA also offers a classic mineral water – talk to your sales rep.


The flavors of robust, full-bodied red wines or red wines that have been aged in barrique casks and have a high tannin content, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Rioja, develop particularly well when paired with a non-sparkling accompaniment such as VILSA Gourmet naturelle. Light, fruity red wines like Pinot Noir are also best partnered with a non-sparkling mineral water like VILSA Gourmet naturelle. The smooth taste of the mineral water balances out the bitter flavor of the tannins, whereas a highly carbonated drink would only intensify the bitterness.


A match made in heaven – Bouvet Ladubay and VILSA Gourmet. The mild and subtle flavour of VILSA Gourmet naturelle underscores the fine character of elegant crémants, such as Bouvet Saphir, in a natural way. Bouvet Saphir is a wine that embodies the art of superb composition. The perfect, serene complement to this brisk sparkling wine is VILSA Gourmet naturelle.
Following its establishment in 1851, Bouvet Ladubay rapidly became the epitome of pleasure and the zest for life. Thanks to the skilled combination of tradition and innovation, this sparkling wine producer continues even today to be among the leading companies of its industry.