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TOPMARKE – a true accolade. Every year, Lebensmittel Zeitung, one of the most renowned publications in the retail sector in Germany, comes together with the Gesellschaft für Marktforschungsinstitut (GfK) to announce the 100 most successful products of the year. Prizes are awarded in the main retail categories, which include, for example, “Water plus” or xxx. Each ...more

VILSA Sparkling Mineral Water now also in a glass bottle.

VILSA Sparkling Mineral Water now also in a glass bottle. Great news for all fans of lightly sparkling refreshment: you can now enjoy the uniquely natural taste of lightly carbonated VILSA Mineral Water in a glass bottle. The stylish 0.7 l bottle makes an elegant statement on any table. Moreover, glass is very environmentally friendly and ...more

VILSA Rhubarb is a Culinary Ambassador for 2017!

VILSA Rhubarb is a Culinary Ambassador for 2017! “Lower Saxony Culinary Ambassador” is the award given to the best foods of Lower Saxony. The Culinary Ambassadors are chosen by an independent expert panel of top chefs, sensory assessors, and fine foods and marketing experts. Under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, prizes ...more

Our Company

Our company It all began more than 100 years ago in the little climatic health resort of Bruchhausen-Vilsen in northern Germany. A very unique spring was discovered close to Bremen. This pure spring water had an exceptional taste and had been untouched for millennia. Today, VILSA-BRUNNEN has been owned by the same family for four ...more


100 years of VILSA – a history The history of the VILSA spring does not actually begin in Vilsen, but more than 6,100 km away in New York. In 1908, after five years in the USA, the 31-year-old emigrant and engineer Johnny Dörgeloh decides to make a long-awaited trip back home to the old country ...more

Tour of the Company

Experience VILSA How does VILSA Mineral Water actually make its way from the spring to the bottle? We would be delighted to show you during a tour of our company. At our site in the climatic health resort of Bruchhausen-Vilsen in Lower Saxony, located in the midst of untouched nature in an extensive nature conservation ...more

Our philosophie

Our philosophy For many years, we have been actively involved in environmental protection and are committed to the welfare of the community. This is not a trend for us, but it is self-evident. That is why we have also expressed our attitude in our company philosophy. 1. Our lifeline - our well The natural mineral ...more

VILSA and fine dining

VILSA Gourmet – enjoy fine dining in a fine way It goes without saying that fine dining establishments use only the best ingredients, expertly prepared. So it’s all the more important that the exquisite meals are accompanied by a carefully selected mineral water. The VILSA Gourmet portfolio has the perfect answer for every menu. The ...more

VILSA and coffee

VILSA unleashes the full flavor – VILSA Gourmet and coffee In Germany, as in almost every other country in the world today, it is good etiquette to offer a glass of water with a coffee. Apart from being an indication of attentive service, there are several good reasons for doing this. Water neutralizes the sense ...more

VILSA and wine

A beautiful couple: VILSA and wine VILSA Gourmet is the ideal accompaniment to exquisite wines. With its low sodium content, VILSA Mineral Water is the perfect palate cleanser, preparing the mouth for new taste experiences. Its balanced mineral profile makes it a very mild and drinkable water. VILSA Gourmet thus brings out the delicate nature ...more
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