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Experience Nature



Nature is the source of life. Without it, we would not have our naturally pure VILSA mineral water. The VILSA campaign is therefore dedicated to nature.

Discover the beauty of nature with VILSA.

Experience Nature with VILSA.

An infinitely colorful spectrum of light waves. Harmoniously illuminated on every surface. Every leaf, every bug, every bird amazes us – life in its endless glory.

Experience Nature with VILSA.

Wafting silently over forests and meadows. Enveloping the land with a thick veil. Billions of small water drops, hovering, showing us nature’s mysterious side.

Experience Nature with VILSA.

The sun’s warmth drives the wind, causing it to dance around the plants, sometimes gently, sometimes wildly. As an accomplice in the circle of life, it distributes their seeds throughout its journey, creating new diversity and opportunity.

Experience Nature with VILSA.

Invisible particles travel brightly. Together, they determine the rhythm of life for humans, animals and plants. They all move gratefully towards the light, flourishing and growing.

Experience Nature with VILSA.

This precious element shows its diversity everywhere and in all its beautiful variations. It fascinates us as a gushing spring, as glittering ice or mysterious mist. Breathing pure life into every fiber of nature.

Experience Nature with VILSA.

It colorlessly forms natural boundaries. But even where the light doesn’t enter, life exists in abundance. Sometimes as a fleeting hiding spot and cooling refuge, sometimes as a habitat over the course of many years.

Discover VILSA

Vilsa Classic

VILSA Mineral Water

Natural VILSA mineral water provides a sparkling natural refreshment. Naturally pure, very low in sodium and with a balanced mineral profile.

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The Campaign

Experience nature. With VILSA.

Natural VILSA mineral water is a gift from nature. With respect and sustainability at the heart of our philosophy, we continue to nurture this treasured jewel. The video segments symbolize our heightened environmental awareness. Natural VILSA mineral water is just one fascinating aspect of nature, one that we protect.

VILSA | Experience Nature. Extended Clip

VILSA | Experience Nature. Your Air is my Breath.

VILSA | Experience Nature. The Making Of.

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Natural mineral water

Untouched for millennia.

Our mineral water comes from a source, deep beneath the earth. Thick layers of clay have been protecting it from the outside world and from harmful environmental influences for thousands of years. It is no coincidence that VILSA mineral water is so pristine, pure and so mild in flavor.

VILSA mineral water is particularly low in sodium, making it the ideal choice for preparing your baby’s food.

Our Products
Vilsa Classic

Our responsibility

Protecting and preserving nature.

For VILSA, protecting nature is a responsibility and a heartfelt desire – after all, nature is the source of our VILSA Mineral Water. Together with foundations and associations dedicated to the conservation of nature, we advocate for the preservation of flora and fauna, including those outside the state borders of our home in Lower Saxony. Read more about our environmental protection projects.

VILSA and Deutsche Wildtier Stiftung

VILSA and Deutsche Wildtier Stiftung

Find out more about the sustainable work that the Deutsche Wildtier Stiftung does in Germany.

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The VILSA anniversary forest

The VILSA anniversary forest

To commemorate the company’s 100th anniversary, we planted a special deciduous forest, which is now home to more than 20,000 trees.

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