VILSA unleashes the full flavor –
VILSA Gourmet and coffee

In Germany, as in almost every other country in the world today, it is good etiquette to offer a glass of water with a coffee. Apart from being an indication of attentive service, there are several good reasons for doing this. Water neutralizes the sense of taste. This means that before enjoying their next mouthful of coffee, guests should take a sip of water so that they can enjoy the typical coffee taste over and over again.

A natural mineral water is much more suitable for this purpose than tap water or ordinary bottled water. This is due primarily to its taste, which is usually considerably milder and more refined.

Due to its natural level of hydrogen carbonate, VILSA Mineral Water neutralizes the acidifying substances in coffee and makes every sip a special taste experience. VILSA Gourmet thus accentuates the natural coffee flavor particularly well. Serve VILSA Gourmet Medium and Naturelle as the natural accompaniment to a full-bodied espresso, a delicious latte macchiato, Americano, cappuccino or mocha.