Our anniversary forest

For VILSA, a healthy forest and pure mineral water go hand in hand. To commemorate its 100th anniversary in 2012, therefore, the company established the VILSA anniversary forest near Bruchhausen-Vilsen. More than 20,000 indigenous saplings were planted.

Working in close cooperation with the state forests in Lower Saxony and the collective municipality (Samtgemeinde) of Bruchhausen-Vilsen, the first 600 black alders were planted as part of a major planting campaign: the foundation for the VILSA anniversary forest was laid! More and more trees followed as the years went by, and today the forest has more than 20,000 specimens. Measuring four hectares in size, the forest is home to a variety of species, including English oak, red alder, beech, mountain ash, silver birch, aspen, hazelnut and crab apple as well as rose briars and blackthorn trees.

This is a genuinely mixed forest, whose wood – once the trees are big enough – can also be used sustainably. As it has developed over the years, it has enriched the region and is a gift to both humankind and nature.

To ensure that the trees can grow undisturbed, they are surrounded by a fence for the first few years. This protects the sensitive plants from humans and in particular from wild animals. Nevertheless, the anniversary forest can now be enjoyed to the full: on a forest path or a comfortable park bench.