Our source.

Our VILSA mineral water is a gift of nature: naturally pure, mild in flavor and with a balanced mineral profile. Untouched for millennia, it is nature’s purest miracle. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, we have prioritized the protection of natural resources, and it is no coincidence that it is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and the foundation of everything we do.

The VILSA source – untouched for millennia.

The VILSA source was discovered near Bruchhausen-Vilsen more than 100 years ago. It lies in the midst of untouched nature in the German state of Lower Saxony and is several thousand years old. The thick layers of clay in the rock formation found in this region protect the underground water reservoir from external environmental influences.

Layers of earth:

  1.  Silt – fine sandy to clayey, dark gray
  2.  Ground water
  3.  Medium sand – fine sandy to coarse sandy, light gray
  4.  Silt – clayey, mostly well rounded, dark-greenish gray
  5.  Clay layer – silty, fine sandy, dark-greenish gray
  6.  VILSA source

Here is our source:

Our VILSA mineral water – pure, natural, distinguished

We know how pure and exquisite our mineral water is. Nevertheless, we have the special purity and high quality of VILSA mineral water regularly confirmed by the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS, which performs unannounced inspections.