rPET – 100% recycled PET bottles

Why VILSA is changing over production of disposable PET bottles.

Disposable VILSA mineral water bottles are made of 100% recycled PET, also known as rPET. By using recyclable bottles, VILSA-BRUNNEN making an important contribution to environmental protection.

Sustainability and environmental protection have always been firmly embedded in our corporate culture. The use of rPET is another important step in the right direction, to save natural resources, protect the environment and help to reduce CO2 emissions.

VILSA mineral water products are bottled in 100% recycled PET bottles.

VILSA uses 100% rPET for its 0.75 l, 1.0 l and 1.5 l disposable mineral water bottles. Right now, it is not possible to manufacture all disposable VILSA bottles from 100% rPET, as sufficient recycled materials are not yet available. VILSA is therefore concentrating on its mineral water products and at the same time is working on increasing the percentage of recycled material in all other bottles as quickly as possible.

Lower carbon emissions thanks to rPET

If a 36 g PET bottle blank, known as a PET preform, is made from virgin PET, it corresponds to a CO2 equivalent of 96.2 g. However, if the proportion of rPET in a preform is raised to just 25%, it corresponds to a CO2 equivalent of 85.5 g. This is a reduction of 11%. Therefore, a preform made from 100% rPET corresponds to a total reduction of 44%.

It is called a circular economy when everything runs smoothly

The “bottle-to-bottle” principle

The collecting and recycling of PET bottles take place within a closed loop. The collected disposable bottles are delivered to a recycling facility. There, the bottles are washed, sorted and shredded into flakes. A partner company then process the flakes into PET preforms. This saves space in the distribution and thus helps to further reduce emissions. It is only in the course of the production process that the bottle blanks are blown up like balloons into new PET bottles.

Ensuring sustainability when dealing with nature and people is a priority for VILSA.

Sustainability and environmental protection are some of VILSA-BRUNNEN’s basic principles. However, it is much more than that – it is a heartfelt desire. Why? VILSA mineral water is a natural product. The VILSA source has existed far beneath the groundwater carrying layers and under thick layers of rock, protected and untouched for millennia and it should continue to do so. That is why VILSA-BRUNNEN values sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions so highly.

Water is a vital resource. For VILSA, it is therefore of fundamental importance that can expect the highest quality and purity. With its certified organic mineral water, VILSA guarantees that independent experts regularly monitor the stringent limit values. Here at VILSA, we feel responsible for nature and for  the people who live in it.