VILSA organic mineral water

What makes mineral water organic?

The principles of organic farming guide the certificate awarded by Bio-Mineralwasser e.V. (the quality association for organic mineral water). Therefore, organic mineral water is a product that meets several additional criteria on top of those set out by the German Mineral and Table Water Ordinance (Mineral- und Tafelwasser-Verordnung, MTVO).

Organic mineral water stands for superior product quality, maximum transparency for the consumer and sustainable environmental as well as water protection.

The ten requirements for authentic organic products are:

  1. Careful use of our earth’s natural resources
  2. Minimum impact on humans and nature due to the type of manufacturing and distribution chosen
  3. Promotion of organic farming, which protects the waterways to guarantee healthy products in the long term
  4. Protection of human health
  5. Minimization of harmful effects on product quality and purity
  6. Global fairness: a commitment to global equitable access to clean water
  7. Local fairness: fair treatment of all people and companies within region or involved in the manufacturing and distribution of a product
  8. Respect for and safeguarding of natural cycles and the protection of our source
  9. Promotion of the cultural aspects of a centuries-old tradition of mineral water consumption
  10. Promotion of the positive effects on human health

VILSA mineral water is a purely natural product. The minerals and trace elements it contains are the result of a natural process that has developed over thousands of years. Thick layers of clay protect the mineral water that emerges from deep within the earth. The natural mineral water forms the natural basis of life the company, its employees and our consumers. It is crucially important, therefore, that we protect its source.

VILSA also supports projects such as:

Results of the review of organic criteria and the sustainability report

Click here to download the entire test report outlining all organic criteria. Organic certification requires the company to have a sustainable end-to-end concept.
Click here to find more information in our sustainability report.

Is organic mineral water just a PR stunt?

No. The quality of groundwater and tap water has become a cause for concern in a number of regions in Germany. High levels of contamination and nitrate pollution caused by conventional farming are making it increasingly difficult for water suppliers to comply with the limit values of the drinking water ordinance (see Figure).


The same applies to the influx of residues from medications and pesticides, which, according to the law, only have to be tested in case of strong suspicions. Before tap water is palatable and potable, therefore, it goes through a complex process as part of which various chemicals are used to purify it. Chemicals are therefore used to remove chemicals.


Our source

The VILSA source, on the other hand, lies far below thick layers of rock, which protect it from the harmful run-offs on the surface, making mineral water a product of the soil’s ecosystem. With its certification as organic mineral water, VILSA guarantees that independent experts regularly monitor the considerably more stringent limit values. In addition to minimizing pollutants, VILSA also ensures maximum protection against undesirable substances.

Water is a vital resource

If parents are unsure about the sodium content of their tap water, Wasser-Team-Info e.V. recommends that they get the information from the responsible water supplier or use mineral water to prepare their baby’s food. Babies’ kidneys are not yet developed enough to regulate excess sodium. A low-sodium organic mineral water like VILSA is therefore the ideal choice.

Our glass bottle with the organic label

Our glass bottle, the so-called “Geniesser-Flasche”, is an ode to nature. A stylishly embossed forest motif decorates the bottle, making it an object of beauty for any table. The bottle is the consistent implementation of VILSA-BRUNNEN’s sustainability principles: we use a freshness seal made from 100% recycled paper. The bottle is also highly ergonomic: easy to pour, extremely stable and providing a good grip.