Our Philosophy

For many years, we have been actively involved in environmental protection and are committed to the welfare of the community. This is not a trend for us, but it is self-evident. That is why we have also expressed our attitude in our company philosophy.

1. Our lifeline – our well

The natural mineral water we get from the well is a natural treasure of original purity. Our ultimate goal is to promote and sustain this thousand-year-old good.

2. Our drive – our customers

Our customers are the base of our success. For them and their wishes, we are committed to high quality products. We maintain a good, partnership-based relationship with our sales agents and look for direct contact with the consumers. They know they can rely on the quality of our products. Because the demands of our customers are the driving force behind our daily activities.

3. Our ambition – our quality

Top priority for us is the quality and safety of our products. Basis for our internal control system (HACCP concept), food safety and consumer protection. Independent external audits (DIN ISO 9001 and IFS-Food 6 certifications) certify and annually our quality and safety standards.

4. Our decisions – our lead

Our daily activities are characterized by the interaction of ecological and economic aspects. We have chosen the best possible solution for the environment and go far beyond legal requirements. Fast, at the same time anticipating and with the right sense for new goals: we act on a daily basis and face the challenges of the market and the demands our customers. So we are always a step ahead of our competitors. We invest in new technologies and strive for continuous improvement in all areas. In this way, we keep the continuity and independence of our family business for the next generations.

5. Our social responsibility – our employees

Acceptance among us is self-evident – from sex, disability, origin, sexual orientation or religion. We motivate and qualify our employees to act on their own responsibility. They are the guarantee for the quality and environmental awareness in the company and our success. Our training in all areas. At the same time, a close relationship and trustworthy and reliable cooperation with the authorities and institutions in the region is of great value.

6. Our power – our energy

Our vital basis is nature, and we feel committed to it in particular. We are setting ourselves permanent new goals in order to conserve the environment and our resources and to use energy efficiently and to save steadily. Our achievements in this field are confirmed by DIN ISO 14001 and DIN ISO 50001 certifications.


7. Our partners – our suppliers

We want to place trust in our suppliers through long-term business relationships. We prefer to work with partners from the region. The prerequisite for this is that our suppliers comply with legal and ethical standards regarding fair compensation, work safety, environmental protection and quality.