Flavored Mineral Water

VILSA Flavored Mineral Water is for those who like a light and slightly fruity drink but who still want to keep it natural. This lightly carbonated drink contains lots of natural VILSA Mineral Water, flavored with a splash of fruit juice. It is available in four delicious flavors: sour cherry, raspberry, peach and passion fruit. With 5% fruit content, VILSA Flavored Mineral Water is completely free of artificial flavors and sweeteners. And it is low in calories.

Tested by ‘consumer goddesses’!

Maria is a consumer goddess and tests new products. She was very enthusiastic about our VILSA Flavored Mineral Water.

“I had the chance to taste a new VILSA soft drink just in time for the warm spring days. I tried VILSA Flavored Mineral Water in three different flavors: peach, cherry and raspberry. We are all of course familiar with VILSA Mineral Water. Personally, however, I always felt that the range was missing a fruit-flavored mineral water. (…) I loved the new drink, the handy 0.75 l bottle is perfect when you are on the go and it fits in every pocket. At 15 calories per 100 ml, the flavored mineral water is low in calories and is easy on the waistline ;-). I would definitely recommend the new VILSA Flavored Mineral Water and I would love to try many more new varieties.”

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