VILSA Geniesser-Flasche

With medium carbonation and a low sodium content, VILSA medium in our 1.0 l glass bottle provides the perfect refreshment for everyday mineral water enjoyment. The sparkling mineral water retains its refreshing taste in the glass bottle. The organic label also guarantees the use of environmentally sustainable handling of natural resources and the protection of our VILSA source from contamination.

A bottle that meets the highest quality standards

The glass of the VILSA medium Geniesser-Flasche preserves the pure taste of our mineral water, sealing in the flavor. The bottle’s well-balanced ergonomic design makes for a stable product with optimal pouring characteristics and represents the special quality as well as our commitment to nature.

The gourmet bottle with the organic label

Natural VILSA mineral water is subject to the most stringent quality control processes. We are proud of the fact that our 1.0 l glass bottle bears the organic mineral water label. An organic mineral water needs to fulfill 48 criteria. These range from the careful drawing of the mineral water, the use of environmentally friendly reusable packaging, sustainable distribution practices and environmental as well as social commitment to organic farming.

Sealed for freshness with 100% recycled paper

Our glass bottle with its stylishly embossed forest scene and the ergonomic shape for maximum grip comfort is brimful of flavor. Sealing the bottle with a freshness seal made from 100% recycled paper is simply a logical consequence of the ecologically sound approach inherent in this product range. The untouched purity of our mineral water therefore becomes apparent immediately.

More Details

Glass bottles – 100% recyclable

They do not only look good – glass bottles also have very distinct advantages when it comes to food and beverage packaging. Glass is a particularly high-grade, hygienic material. It protects our pure VILSA mineral water from external environmental influences. Glass bottles also score well in environmental terms: they can be reused up to 50 times and are 100% recyclable.

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6x1,0l Returnable

Natural mineral water

Directly from our source, with nothing else added.

Nutritional values
Nutritional valuesper liter
Cationsin mg/l
Anionsin mg/l
Hydrogen Carbonate175

Geniesser-Flasche is also available in the following varieties: