Pure, natural VILSA Mineral Water comes from the untouched depths of northern Germany, where it has been preserved from external environmental influences for thousands of years. Its balanced mineral profile accounts for its unmistakable refined and mild taste. VILSA Gourmet is therefore the perfect accompaniment to coffee, fine wines, and fine dining in the hospitality sector.

The VILSA Gourmet range is the exclusive product line designed specially for the hospitality sector. The bottles and the labels meet the highest standards and are exceptionally stylish in design.

VILSA Gourmet is available exclusively in the hospitality sector.

Apple Spritzer
  • Its unique purity and balanced mineral profile gives VILSA Gourmet its unmistakable and distinctly refined and mild taste – perfect for fine dining.

  • Natural, pure, non-carbonated and uniquely mild in flavor, VILSA Gourmet Naturelle goes particularly well with specialty coffees, select wines, and fine dining.

  • The non-alcoholic classic for every occasion: made from pure VILSA Mineral Water and 55% fruit juice content, VILSA Gourmet Apple Spritzer is a refreshing alternative when you are dining out.

    No added sugar
    Gluten free
    Lactose free