Isotonic Grape

Low in calories
No added sugar
Gluten free
Lactose free

Good nutrition and exercise are the key to getting fit. Isotonic drinks not only quench your thirst, more importantly they ensure that your body can absorb fluids faster and therefore provide you with an additional energy boost when exercising. VILSA H2Obst Isotonic Grape has the added benefit of a delicious apple and grapefruit flavor.

The perfect blend of natural VILSA Mineral Water and 15% pure fruit juice is low in calories and contains only the sweetness of fruit without artificial additives. Minerals calcium and magnesium also provide the body with everything it needs for optimum performance. The light and fruity spritzers are carbonated for even more refreshment.

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City crate
12x0,75 l Returnable
Six pack
6x0,75 l non-returnable

Natural mineral water, grapefruit juice*, lemon juice* and orange juice* (11.5%), fructose syrup, apple juice* (3.5%), carbonic acid, calcium lactate, lemon extract, magnesium carbonate, natural citrus flavor, vitamin mix: niacin, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, biotin and folic acid; ascorbic acid (antioxidant), carob bean gum (stabilizer)
*made from fruit juice concentrates

Nutritional values
Nutritional valuesper 100 ml
Calorific value80 kJ / 19 kcal
of which saturated fatty acids
0 g
0 g
of which sugars
4,4 g
4,3 g
Protein0 g
Salt0 g
Niacin2,4 mg (15,0%**)
Vitamin E1,8 mg (15,0%**)
Pantothenic acid0,9 mg (15,0%**)
Folic acid30,0 g (15,0%**)
Biotin7,5 g (15,0%**)
Calcium28,0 mg (3,5%**)
Magnesium11 ,7mg (3,1 %**)
* made from fruit juice concentrates
** Percentage of recommended daily dose