Mineral Water

VILSA is a natural mineral water. It comes from a source, deep beneath the earth, which has been preserved for thousands of years from the outside world and harmful environmental influences by thick layers of clay. It is no coincidence that VILSA Mineral Water is so pure and mild in flavor. Its balanced mineral profile is also due to the thick layers of rock that filter every drop on its way to the source. VILSA Mineral Water is particularly low in sodium, making it suitable for preparing baby food. Extensive inspections conducted by the independent SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS confirms the quality of the water.


The SGS Institut Fresenius, the world’s leading inspection and certification group for product quality and safety, examines the quality and purity of our mineral water in unannounced inspections at random intervals. These checks on our products extend far beyond legal requirements and are in effect from the spring to the final consumer. www.qualityseal.de/en/

VILSA classic
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VILSA sparkling
VILSA naturelle