VILSA Mineral Water

Low sodium

VILSA naturelle is not carbonated and therefore has a distinctly mild taste. It is also particularly smooth and drinkable. This is due primarily to its low sodium and salt content, which is why VILSA naturelle is also ideal for a low-sodium diet. VILSA Mineral Water’s purity and balanced mineral profile is a result of the geological conditions of the VILSA source. The SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS confirms this for us regularly.

A premium water of the utmost purity and quality – as certified by the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

Our VILSA Mineral Water is one of the best premium mineral waters in Germany. When it comes to mineral water, purity is the most important measure of quality. The independent SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS confirms that VILSA Mineral Water is naturally pure. The world’s leading inspection and certification group is an independent institute tasked with monitoring quality standards.

But what does premium mineral water actually mean?

The “premium mineral water” seal of quality is only awarded if a mineral water meets very stringent conditions and has gone through a very detailed certification process. For example, the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS inspects all product components along the entire value added chain. After that, compliance with quality standards is constantly checked and reviewed in unannounced audits and lab tests conducted at irregular intervals. These checks on our products extend far beyond legal requirements and are in effect from the spring to the final consumer. The quality of VILSA products is also monitored in spot checks, known as ‘mystery checks’, in grocery stores. The ‘premium mineral water’ accolade is an important component of our end-to-end quality assurance process and a guarantee of the outstanding purity and quality of our VILSA Mineral Water.

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Glass bottles – 100% recyclable

They do not only look good – glass bottles also have very distinct advantages when it comes to food and beverage packaging. Glass is a particularly high-grade, hygienic material. It protects our pure VILSA mineral water from external environmental influences. Glass bottles also score well in environmental terms: they can be reused up to 50 times and are 100% recyclable.

City crate

The VILSA city crate makes shopping easy. Holding 12 x 0.75 l PET bottles, the crate is incredibly light. An ergonomically positioned carrier handle makes it particularly handy and convenient. Moreover, the crate is smaller than normal crates, making it the perfect size for any home.

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Pack sizes:

12x0,5 l Returnable
Crate for glass bottles
12x0,7 l Returnable
City crate
12x0,75 l Returnable
12x1,0 l Returnable
Six pack
6x0,75 l Non-returnable
Six pack
6x1,0 l Non-returnable
Six pack
6x1,5 l Non-returnable

Natural mineral water

Nutritional values
Nutritional valuesper Liter
Cations in mg/l
Calcium 47,0
Anionsin mg/l
Hydrogen Carbonate175,0