VILSA Rhubarb is a Culinary Ambassador for 2017!

“Lower Saxony Culinary Ambassador” is the award given to the best foods of Lower Saxony. The Culinary Ambassadors are chosen by an independent expert panel of top chefs, sensory assessors, and fine foods and marketing experts. Under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, prizes are awarded once a year for the best products from the state. The products are chosen on the basis of their unique quality and authenticity as well as the responsible manufacturing processes that are used to produce them.

This year, VILSA Rhubarb is among the prize winners and has been awarded the coveted seal of “Lower Saxony Culinary Ambassador 2017”.

VILSA Rhubarb impressed the expert panel with its successful blend of pure VILSA Mineral Water and 10% pure NFS (not from concentrate) rhubarb juice. With no artificial flavors or colors, VILSA Rhubarb is also 100% vegan. It provides the perfect refreshment and sets the mood for summer in a very natural way.

With its award as “Lower Saxony Culinary Ambassador 2017” VILSA Rhubarb is following in the successful footsteps of previous prize winners in the ‘family’: VILSA Sparkling (2016), VILSA Flavored Mineral Water (2015), and VILSA Chardonnay Grape Spritzer (2014).